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Two Companies Focused on Central New York Flavor Set Up Shop at Destiny USA

The Syracha’Cuse and Syracuse Salt Company will offer a 15% discount for students who present their student ID at the new Kiosk

Click the play button above if you are a fan of salt and spice, and want to learn more about the collaboration between the Syracuse Salt Company and Syracha’Cuse. 

Audio Transcript: Khelil_Collab 2.0

By Anthony Khelil SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)-Attention all fans of salt and spice: you are in for a treat. Syracuse Salt Company and Syracha’Cuse have brought their flavors to Destiny USA in Syracuse, New York.

The duo opened a new kiosk and tasting bar last week. Syracha’Cuse will combine its gourmet hot sauces and mustards with Syracuse Salt Company and its products, which range from flavored sea salts to salt lamps.

“We offer everything from Siracha, ghost pepper to ginger sea salts; they are used primarily as finishing salts. We also offer Himalayan salt products such as lamps, night lights, and salt slabs,” said Libby Croom, the co-founder of Syracuse Salt Company.

The kiosk also offers an interactive tasting bar. It features 20 of Syracuse Salt companies flavored salts and seven of Syracha’Cuse’s hot sauces and mustards.

Before opening in Destiny USA, the duo toyed with the idea of opening a standalone storefront. Both companies realized the opportunity to open a kiosk in Destiny would allow for better exposure.

Croom said that the kiosk will give the two companies a different dynamic. It will give them a better opportunity to reach a wider range of people than a stand-alone storefront would. The kiosk also allows its customers to go to one place for Syracha’Cuse and Salt Company products.

Mike Sharlow, the co-owner of Syracha’Cuse, said that Destiny USA was the prime location for the two companies. He also believes the location will allow the duo to reach a greater audience because not only do people local to Syracuse visit the mall, but individuals from around the world do as well.

Croom and David Iannicello, her father and co-founder of Syracuse Salt Company, kept in constant contact with Sharlow and his daughter and co-founder of Syracha’Cuse, Marissa. The two companies, interestingly enough, are both owned by father-daughter duos.

Sharlow and Marissa launched Syracha’Cuse in 2016. Sharlow said it first started as a fun thing to do while Marissa was home from college. Their company is big on supporting other central New York businesses. All of Syracha’cuse’s products are manufactured using local Central New York products.

Sharlow grew up in Syracuse and raised his daughter here. The father-daughter duo’s close ties to Syracuse and love for salty and spicy foods helped fuel the collaboration.

“We love Syracuse. We love hot, spicy foods. So what better way to pay homage to the chili pepper and the city than a collaboration,” Sharlow said.

The Syracuse Salt Company originated in a similar fashion after Croom came back from her honeymoon in Maine. She brought back sea salt for her father who could not believe there were no similar types of shops in Syracuse. The two went on to learn about “a whole world of salt we did not even know about.”

Both companies share a similar demographic and believe their products pair nicely with one another. Sharing so many similarities, the collaboration came together seamlessly.

As far as collaborating again in the future, Sharlow said the two companies are currently just “testing waters.” Croom said that a future collaboration  is definitely possible.

To this point, both Sharlow and Croom said that business has been good. Croom said that they are reaching a much different demographic than they have in the past.

“The community has embraced our venture. Those who have visited the tasting bar have expressed excitement. It has been very positive,” Sharlow said.