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Tinder Creates A New Update To Mirror Its Competitor

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By Shoshana Stahl SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Tinder is creating an update for its app that would have women initiate the conversations with their matches. This feature can be turned on or off in the settings of the app so women could choose if they wanted to use it or not.

Tinder created the update in order to mirror its main competitor, Bumble. Bumble is a dating app where women must begin the conversation with their matches.

Syracuse University sophomore Anna Christman uses Tinder and says she has messaged guys first before. Christman likes the idea of the update but isn’t sure how effective it will be.

“I think there will still be a lot of girls who wouldn’t message guys first, so I don’t know if they would use the feature less. A lot of girls like to get a message from a guy first, and they don’t want to make the first move,” said Christman.

According to an article on USA Today, Tinder thinks this update will lessen the inappropriate behavior currently on the app. Christman thinks women messaging the guys first can help with this.

“I think it will cut down on guys with the corny pick-up lines. Maybe girls will start getting creative and come up with them,” said Christman. She believes that men feel a lot of pressure to have to send the first message, but women can start the conversations too.

Associate Professor of Communications at Syracuse University Makana Chock researches social media multi-communication. This relates to trying to communicate with someone in a face-to-face conversation while they are on their phone. Chock says the aspect of dating involved in this research is the recent study, where they looked at texting after first dates, such as when it was deemed appropriate to reach out, how long to wait and perceived motivations.

Chock notes that although it seems that a lot of people are using online dating, only 30 percent of this young age group actually do. She also adds that among this group, more of the users are male than female, and this could lead to both positives and negatives of the update.

“Although the gender roles in dating have become increasingly egalitarian over time, there still is a double standard and an expectation that the man makes the first approach and that the woman then either accepts or rejects,” Chock said. “There’s a lot of baggage that goes with those perceptions. As a result, you may find that some people are reluctant to actually make use of the app because this means if they say yes, it indicates maybe a greater degree of interest than they actually have.”

She believes that this new feature on Tinder will appeal to more audiences because some women who have been previously targeted online or want to avoid inappropriate content will be more comfortable initiating the conversations with their matches.

Chock does not think the inappropriate behavior will stop with an update like this but does think that women will have more control over the conversations.

“The people who are actually engaging these behaviors will not necessarily be impacted by this. They may attempt to find another work around for this behavior. It may mean that people who do not want to be exposed to this type of behavior can control unsolicited approaches,” she said.