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Snapchat Users Fume Over Redesign

Snap Inc. first announced information about the update in November 2017.


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Audio Transcript: Hilepo_SnapchatUpdateScript_2.19.18

By James Hilepo SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — A new redesign of the popular social media platform, Snapchat, has been met with widespread criticism. Despite being rolled out over two weeks ago, complaints are still rampant, and the sentiment behind them is just as passionate.

The main changes to the photo-messaging app’s interface include combining all content from the user’s friends onto one page, while placing content from celebrities, sponsors and news organizations on a separate page, as well as mixing the user’s feed of individual conversations with the user’s feed of “stories.”

Opponents of the update argue that the changes are described as confusing, messy and hard to navigate.

“It’s very sophisticated,” said Jared Picon, a Snapchat user for over three years, “and I think it’s too early for the update. It’s hard to see what stories were posted recently, and it’s hard to keep up with all of your streaks.”

Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, has been staunch in their defense of the redesign, ignoring numerous public calls to reverse the update. One petition has been signed over 1.2 million times at the time of this article. 

Snap Inc.’s (NYSE: SNAP) stock rose 47.58 percent on the day of the update’s main release, but has dropped 8.77 percent in the two weeks since.

The choice from the app’s developers to ignore such a large amount of user feedback has been disconcerting to some, including Natalie Rudakevych, a long-time Snapchat user.

“If you’re a company that serves people, you should listen to their feedback, and if
you’re just going to kind of write it off like that, that’s kind of a red flag that maybe they’re not a very nice company.”

Despite the issues and the anger of the outcry against Snap Inc., some, even those who are complaining, are open to the troubles merely being growing pains as Snapchat users adjust to the new interface.

“I feel like every time they update, I hate it, and then I get used to it,” Rudakevych explained.