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Auburn community helps ‘trim’ the cost of 12-year-old fighting cancer

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By: Brooke Meenachan, AUBURN, N.Y. (NCC News) – Twelve-year-old Logan Bell is known for his hairstyles.

“He’s always been about his hair. He’s very trendy. He wants the latest and greatest styles,” his hairstylist, Heather Young, said.

About three months ago, Young shared a new hairstyle she saw on Facebook with Logan’s mom to see if he would like it.

He loved it.

The original hairstyle was a platinum mohawk with pink and purple streaks, but Bell opted for blue to represent his school colors. He plays basketball for Moravia.

After three hours in the salon, he had his latest hairdo, which Young eventually asked him to name.

“He came up with Logan’s Do and I was like, ‘No, that’s not cool enough,'” she said. “So then he came up with combatant bleu, which mean’s blue fighter in French.”

A week later, combatant bleu took on a different meaning.

“He was playing his first basketball game and I noticed he was out of breath, which I thought was unusual for him to be out of shape because he just got done with playing a whole soccer season,” said Logan’s mom, Tiffany Bell.

She thought it was a respiratory virus, but after a visit to the doctor, they found out it was lymphoma.

“It’s a shock because you wonder why him?” Bell said.

Just like his hairdo, Logan is a fighter, and that’s exactly what he’s been doing for the past three months.

His mom says he’s been pulled out of school for treatments.

“It’s easy to feel so isolated that people have forgotten about you,” she said.

No one has, especially longtime friend, Young.

“He’s great. His family is great, and I’m very fortunate to be able to help them,” she said.

The salon she works at held a cut-a-thon for four hours on Sunday to help raise money for Logan and his family.

Customers donated by getting their hair cut, nails done or by buying raffle basket tickets. They even had the option to add blue streaks to their hair to match Logan’s combatant bleu hairstyle.

While the donations are helpful, Bell says they are thankful for so much more.

“We just can’t say enough about what the community has done for us,” she said.

However, Young wishes she could do more.

“I wish I could change what they’re going through, but I can’t, so I feel this is the only thing I can do,” she said.

The cut-a-thon raised $3,220.

There is also a GoFundMe account to help support Logan and his family.

Hairlooms raises $3,200 for Logan Bell (c) 2018 Brooke Meenachan