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Local Bakery Sells Seasonal Heart-Shaped Cutouts

The Lyncourt Bakery has been operating at Teall Avenue since 1956. NCC News Reporter Adam Unger was there on Valentine's Day for the bakery's sale of their heart-shaped cutouts.

By Adam Unger SYRACUSE, N.Y.– Lyncourt Bakery owner and manager Dede Mignacca had to carry her third tray of heart-shaped cutout cookies to get around her employees. She had to frost every one of them by hand just to see them fly off the racks.

The seasonal cookies cycle throughout the calendar year. In February, the cut-outs are hearts. In April, they’re bunnies. In November, they’re turkeys. It’s been that way for generations.

“My husband’s grandfather had a bread business that they did all deliveries,” Mignacca said. “They just wanted a place that they could work out of, so they built Lyncourt Bakery.”

The bakery has been in the same building since 1956. It fills a niche that larger grocery stores and national chains can’t provide.

“It’s just your everyday staple… People eat bread, donuts are comfort food when you’re going to work,” Mignacca said. “There’s not too many places you can come to get a roll or two rolls. You can’t do that at the grocery store.”

Mignacca and her employees at the counter, Terrisa and Stacy, were greeting customers on a first-name basis all day. Over its 62 years on Teall Avenue, Lyncourt Bakery has built a strong base of regular customers.

For instance, Greg Lancette grew up coming to Lyncourt Bakery. The church his family went to when he was a kid is around the corner, so they’d stop in on a weekly basis.

“”If it was lunchtime, we’d get pizza and a headlight [donut], and if it was the morning we’d just get headlights,” Lancette said.

Other regulars have shared their love for Lyncourt Bakery with future generations, such as Gail Battaglia.

“[I’m getting] a Valentine cutout cookie for my daughter for Valentine’s Day,” Battaglia said. “It’s all that she asked for.”

The seasonal cut-outs change immediately after their corresponding holiday. From now until March 17, there will be shamrock-shaped cookies in the case instead of heart-shaped ones.