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SU Design Student Wants to Upgrade Your Wardrobe with Custom Denim

SU Communication Design student Marina Goba hand-makes each pair of custom jeans for Iris Denim.

By Emma Pettersen, SYRACUSE N.Y. (NCC News)  Marina Goba taught herself to sew after her mother refused to buy overpriced throw pillows for her first apartment.

“I love design and we had all this extra corduroy fabric in our house so I figured I would try and make my own. It took me about ten tries and the first few were hideous,” said Goba.

After that, Goba was hooked on making everything she owned one of a kind. She raided thrift stores for new pieces and eventually got hooked on denim.

“I think jean is a super big trend right now. It is always in style and right now denim-on-denim is huge and I think everyone wants something custom, something that just they have,”said Goba.

Last semester, Goba launched Iris Denim- a small business run out of her tiny office turned design studio. Customers send her a pair of jeans with their desired fit and style inspiration. From there, it is up to Goba to turn to a pair of jeans into a fashion statement.

“Sometimes it’s as simple as adding some colorful patches or ripping and distressing the fabric. But I’ve also completely taken a pair of jeans apart, painted them and then reconstructed them. My favorite thing to play with right now is pockets- taking them off or sewing them back on in different shapes and places,” said Goba.

A pair of jeans from Iris Denim starts at $60 and can run up to $100. Customers interested in purchasing their own pair can follow the brand on Instagram at Iris Denim.