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MACNY Event Stresses Business Leadership

MACNY’s Supervisory Leadership day will be hosted by David Ferund at the MACNY headquarters, on Tuesday, February 6th. (c) 2018 Anthony Khelil

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Audio Transcript: Khelil_MACNY

By Anthony Khelil SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)–The Manufacturers Association of Central New York’s (MACNY) Chief Leadership Officer David Freund is hosting a supervisory leadership day at the MACNY headquarters on Feb. 6th at 12:30 p.m.

Freund has been providing supervisory leadership training since 1995. He is in charge of all of MACNY’s leadership activities, such as executive coaching. He runs the supervisory leadership Day to teach individuals the meaning of truly being a supervisor.

Freund believes that there is a “vacuum of leadership in our country.”  “There is too much fault finding, bickering, and partisanship,” Freund said. “This is not leadership.” Freund credits this lack of leadership as a big reason why he runs the supervisory leadership event.

“My view is that leaders are people that inspire people to do great things. Leadership is bringing people together, not dividing them,” Freund said.

Those who attend the event are involved within a broad scope of businesses. Attendees include employees from schools, such as custodial and maintenance supervisors, individuals involved in team leading, and even plant managers.

During the supervisory leadership event, Freund focuses a lot on communication, supplies tips on coaching and mentoring, explains how to build a successful team and how to work with conflict.

Another way Freund helps is by asking questions. He says the greatest way to mentor a person is to ask them questions and lead them on a path to self-discovery.

Much of the focus of this event used to be on management. Freund has discovered that management is “transactional,” while leadership is “transformational.”

He says management focuses on whether items are shipped or an assignment is finished. Meanwhile, leadership is the responsibility to care for and develop, not to “boss around.”

Freund believes the prerequisite for being a leader is to “value people.” He says leaders must grow and help people develop.

“When a leader comes into an organization or a team, the whole team gets better,” Freund said. Leaders help people achieve things they never thought they could.

Freund left his prior job as president for a local manufacturing company because he wanted to have a greater impact on the Central New York area.

Freund believes that one’s growth is essential to becoming a leader. He helps the individuals in attendance get started on a personal growth plan.

“Tomorrow is going to need a better version of you. Are you going to be ready?” Freund said.