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Regional Sports Complex is Set to Attract More People to Cortland

The Town of Cortlandville wants to build a regional sports complex to bring more people to the area. (c) 2017 Mary Peters

By Mary Peters CORTLANDVILLE, N.Y. (NCC News) –  The Town of Cortlandville is fundraising to build a regional sports complex because they feel they are in a prime location to host big sporting events.

“Right now, they’re located in Binghamton or Rochester, Buffalo, Albany.  But we’re smack dab in the middle, so let’s bring them to Cortland,” said Theresa Wilson, the General Manager of Holiday Inn Express.

Those participating in sporting events in the area typically stay at the Holiday Inn Express.

The Town of Cortlandville hosted its first sporting event in 2002 at SUNY Cortland.  Right now, they host events at the local schools.  The events are limited due to the availability of the fields.

“Right now, most of what we do draws people from the state of New York.  So having the ability to host…having so many fields in one location and being able to host something of that magnitude, you’d be able to host things that are more regionally or nationally focused,” said Machell Phelps, the Executive Director of the Cortland Regional Sports Council.

With a regional sports complex, the Town of Cortlandville will pull people from about 300 miles away.

“What they do by bringing all of these people in… It helps the sales tax revenue, the tourist tax revenue.  So by doing this, we should be able to help a lot of other people,” said Richard Tupper, the Cortlandville Supervisor.

The complex will cost $18 million.  A local business donated 100 acres of land for the complex.

“It’s estimated that one family will spend over $2,000 in a weekend during one of these sporting events,” Tupper said.

That means more money is spent at local businesses on tournament weekends.

“When we have those tournaments, it really has a huge impact and we do fill up the hotels,” Wilson said.

Right now, the Town of Cortlandville hosts six events and with this new complex, they are hoping to host 10 to 12 events each year.  If everything goes as planned, they will have the new complex built at the beginning of 2019.

Hotels are affected by sporting events in the area. (c) 2017 Mary Peters