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Syracuse Nonprofit Addresses the City’s Economy

Greening USA holds an economic development and planning event to address Syracuse's economy. (c) Stefan Oliva 2017

By Stefan Oliva SYRACUSE, NY (NCC News) – Greening USA is a Syracuse nonprofit that works on issues such as strengthening local economies and creating sustainable communities. The organization held an event on Dec. 8 that was open to the public to present the trends about Central New York’s economy, as well as Syracuse’s.

The senior vice president of CenterState CEO Andrew Fish was the main speaker. He emphasized that Syracuse’s economy is on the uprise and noted the unemployment rate is down to 4.6 percent, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics¬†confirmed.

He also pointed out that the technology sector is growing the city’s workforce, but Syracuse still has the lowest median income in Central New York. Fish explained that the poverty rate in the city has not moved despite economic growth. He said that regional poverty is at 15.6 percent and eight percent are living in deep poverty, both of which are above national and state averages. With that, he started to look for a solution. “We can’t serve people out of poverty,” Fish said. “We need gainful employment.”

Though Syracuse may not be at the top of everyone’s go-to city list, event participant Diana Biro thinks that Syracuse has a lot to offer. “We can do a better job of getting young people to stay here,” she said. “We have wonderful resources here.”

In addition to that, Fish thinks there’s a certain psychological element that has to be satisfied. “Our attitude about the community will determine how we shape it, and promote growth,”¬†Fish said. “We have to be willing to get out of our comfort zone and talk to people in the community.”