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Student Designers are Helping Meet the Fashion Industry’s Plus Size Demands

Super Model Tricia Campbell (far left) and two other models. Campbell is wearing the winning dress of last year’s program competition. © 2017 Courtney Capazzi


Hear from student designers and super models about how this Syracuse University program is impacting the Fashion Industry.

By Sunny Balkin SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)–    As you walk out onto the seventh floor of The Warehouse in Armory Square  you are immediately surrounded by an electric and creative atmosphere. Students sat around tables, laughing and smiling as they talked about their designs. Annie Carson, one of the student designers ,was especially chipper as she began to explain to me the unique program she, and many other student designers, got to learn in.

“It’s a really cool experience now designing for them ,” Carson Said,  “Just like everyone else they want to be sexy, they want to show off what they have.”

This want is exactly what the  Syracuse plus size  curriculum, Fashion Without Limits, is trying to satisfy. The program is teaching students  how to design a new variety of clothing for plus sized women. Not just the basic “tent” dress, but designs that show off curves, have loud funky colors, and even horizontal stripes.

“My main motive was to address a very, very important supply-demand issue that could help invigorate the US economy,”  said Emme Style, creator of the Fashion Without Limits Program,  “So when you think on a business stand point that 67% of women are not buying the amount of clothes that they would like to buy. Why aren’t we doing this?”

Style started the program five years ago. This past year, one of the program’s  student designers  created a dress that is now in production. The dress worn by Model Tricia Campbell, pictured in the image above, will be available for purchase  this summer.