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SU Ambulance EMS Week Brings Joy to Pre-Schoolers

November 13th to November 17th is SUA EMS Week at Syracuse University (c) 2017 Jason Herman

By Jason Herman SYRACUSE N.Y. (NCC News) — Thursday marks the end of the annual Syracuse University Ambulance (SUA) EMS Week at Syracuse University. To cap off the week full of events, the students of SUA visited the Early Education Child Care Center this morning. It was the first time SUA has done this specific event in about 20 years. Megan Panebianco, the SUA Special Events Supervisor, is responsible for planning the different events for week. Panebianco, who is also an employee at the Child Care Center, said the SUA event from two decades ago is a favorite memory at the center.

“The teachers at the Child Care Center still talk about it, the kids wanna know about it,” Panebianco said before the event. “When I wear my SUA gear, they always go ‘What is that?’And the SUA members here have never done anything like this ever so they’re really excited.”

The SUA students arrived at the center around 10:15 this morning. They brought along a SUA car, faculty, and an ambulance. The preschoolers took turns riding in the ambulance and taking pictures, while also learning what the job entails, Panebianco said. The kids who stayed back at the center were coloring in EMS themed coloring books, Panebianco said.

The week of events included a blood drive, an ambulance showcase in the SU quad, and raffles. Panebianco said this morning she expected today’s event to the best one.

“I think today will be my favorite just because I love the kids there,” Panebianco said before the event.

Panebianco is a psychology major at SU, and has no interest in working in the EMS field after graduation. But the senior said it’s events like the one today that motivates her to stay involved in SUA.