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Clinton Square Ice Rink Opens For Season, Now Facing Weather Issues

The Clinton Square Ice Skating Rink gathered over 300 more people than last year during it's opening weekend. This weeks temperatures and rain has caused the rink to close due to flooding. (c) 2017 Jonathan Singh

By Jonathan Singh SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Clinton Square tripled their attendance record this past weekend as their outdoor ice skating rink opened to the public during past Friday’s Christmas tree lighting.

There were over 300 people waiting to lace the skates up and hit the ice.

Skating outdoors has it’s highs and low. With the rink alongside the tree, it’s a great view for the skaters as it gives off a holiday vibe. This past weekend’s 40 degree temperatures is what Mary Beth Roach, the Commissioner of the Syracuse Parks Department, was hoping for.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better turnout for the opening weekend,” Roach said. “The weather was perfect, the skaters were looked comfortable and the ice was in great condition.”

This week has been a different story. It has been too hot for the rink to stay open. Tuesday’s rain didn’t help either, shutting the rink down for the day. The rain flooded the ice causing puddles.

“Sometimes it’s a hit or miss,” Roach said. “When you are dealing with anything out doors, you must work with mother mature.”

This week the weather has been in the 40’s and 50’s, the ice is melting.

As the holiday season approaches, snow will be on the way. Possibly closing the rink down yet again.

“When it snows and rains, there is nothing we can do, the snow melts and causes the surface of the ice to flood,” Roach said.

Right now Sunnycrest, and Meachem Ice Rink are open to the public. These rinks are indoor, where weather is not a factor.

Meachem Ice Skating Rink is another indoor rink in Syracuse that offers skating seven days a week. (c) Jonathan Singh 2017

Sunnycrest Ice Skating Rink is open throughout the year. The perks of an indoor rink. (c) Jonathan Singh 2017