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Does a Seasonal or Pay-Per-Plow Contract Make More Sense for CNY Businesses?

When snow starts piling up this winter, businesses need a plan to get rid of it. They have the option to pay for a seasonal contract or pay per plow. (c) 2017 Brooke Meenachan

By Brooke Meenachan EAST SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – When snow starts piling up this winter, businesses need a plan to get rid of it.

Syracuse is the snowiest major city in the country, but received only 70 inches of snow last year. The average is more than 100 inches. So, deciding to choose a seasonal contract or a pay per plow can be tricky. But depending which option they choose, they take the risk of losing money.

A seasonal plow contract is just as it sounds. It means a business pays for the whole season ahead of time with a three-plow-per-day maximum regardless how much it snows. Paying per plow means a business pays whenever it wants its parking lot plowed.

“It can be a little stressful, especially depending how much snow you get,” Chad Tollhurst, owner of K-9 Kamp DogCare, said.

Tollhurst gets his lot plowed every year.  Last year he chose the per plow option, but this year he decided to choose the opposite.

“I did it for comfort. Just knowing they’re going to come very time, they’re going to clear it every time instead of just coming a few times a week or having to call them again. It makes it more at ease,” he said.

Tollhurst paid $45 per plow last year.  This year, his seasonal contract is costing him $1,800. This means he needs to have his lot plowed 40 times just to break even.

“You’re sitting there and you’re wondering and counting up how many plows. You’re kind of tallying it up to see if you’re going to lose money or not pay as much,” Tollhurst said.

According to president of CNY Sealing and Plowing, John Centore, a lot of people overthink the decision.

“The one thing that people can really get hurt on is when they try and gamble on the weather,” he said. “A lot of people try to do seasonal one year and per plow the following year and that causes them issues because then they get very frustrated when the year they did seasonal it snows less and they feel like they need to do per plow the following year because of it.”
Centore recommends businesses choose the seasonal option.

“It’s nice for a company to be able to budget their money,” he said. “They know exactly how much they’re going to pay no matter how much or how little snow we get. They’re going to pay an ‘x’ amount of dollars no matter what.”

Tollhurst took Centore’s advice and is hoping for a winter full of white.

“I’m hoping that we get a lot of snow this year. It’ll make me feel a little better,” said Tollhurst.

Businesses have the option to choose a seasonal or per plow contract (c) 2017 Brooke Meenachan

CNY Sealing and Plowing says a seasonal contract is the best option for businesses. (c) 2017 Brooke Meenachan