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Destiny USA Has Black Friday Success

Destiny USA has success on Black Friday (c) Calvin Dudley

By Calvin Dudley SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS)- Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving on which stores have huge sales, hopefully to attract large crowds of holiday shoppers. It is when stores which have not done well all year, or net yet made enough money to be in the “red”, make enough money to put their businesses into the “black”.

Although many malls around the country had sales, business was at a record low in malls according to WSYR 9. This record-low business at malls is due, in part, to record-high sales online.

Unlike many of these malls, Destiny USA in Syracuse did not suffer from this year’s surge in online orders. In fact, Destiny USA had record-breaking Black Friday sales.

“Black Friday was very busy. We had a bunch of customers in here. Everyone was looking for good deals; you know the door busters. We were actually busier this Black Friday by ten percent,” said Jason Harrison, Foot Locker salesperson.

Destiny USA offers a lot of variety, attracting people with various interests, said Harrison.

“I think just the fact it’s a big mall. And like around here there’s not many other big malls. It’s not like… like I’m from Central New York and we drive to Syracuse to go shopping which is like two hours away,” said Maeverule, Cooperstown Connection salesperson.

Destiny is the sixth largest mall in the United States. The mall also handled the large crowds smoothly, which is not always the case in malls. Online shopping is often preferred over going to stores due to long waits and a high concentration of people in a small space.

Destiny USA’s size and location in Central New York are helping it buck the trend toward online shopping.