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Camillus CrossFit Community, Is What Makes Them Different.

Camillus CrossFit strives on their members, as they are the ones who motivate the gym. (c) 2017 Jonathan Singh.

By Jonathan Singh CAMILLUS, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – Camillus CrossFit is a gym with over one hundred members and it changed the lifestyle for many of them. Two of them in specific, David Campagnone, and Brett Deline. The two have been apart of the morning class for over a few months. Both have seen great change, physically and mentally. Camillus CrossFit owner, Chad Amidon says that it is the community that is so great within his gym.

“We all feed off each other here, that is why many of our members make such great progress. David and Brett are in here daily pushing each other. I believe that is what translates to the how good they feel within their body.” Chad says.

David has lost about fifty pounds since starting CrossFit, in February. He diets just as hard as he trains. As an oilman for Pennzoil, David is constantly on his feet during work, so he decides to train early in the morning, so that he can get his workout out of the way for the day. David enjoys walking out of the gym after a hard workout, knowing that he just got better.

“It is the best feeling in the world walking out of the gym after a great workout. I feel motivated and happy. This sport has shaped the way I go about everyday life.” David says.

Brett uses CrossFit as rehab for a bad lower back and tightness in his mid line. The computer technician sits down all day at work. The forward lean on his chair, gives him back problems. When he comes to the gym he makes it a priority to mobilize his body before and after working out. Over the past months David has been a great amount of improvement in his back as he is now able to do movements that require a lot of pulling from the ground. The best part about this is that he has got himself into great shape where he can now run around with his three children.

“I am happy with what I am doing, everyone here has helped me feel the way I do. I have always been good at running, but now I am even better.” Brett Says.

Coach Chad emphasized that what makes his gym so great, is the community he has within it. No not all members workout with each other, but he says it is the structure he has formed that sticks with the members from class to class.

“Everyone enters and leaves with the same attitude, we leave our egos at the door here.” Chad says.



Coach Chad and his members feed off each other to keep to gym help to community grow. (c) 2017 Jonathan Singh.

Members of Tuesday's 8 a.m. class take on their workout, as Coach Chad instructs the group. (c) 2017 Jonathan Singh