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Athletic Director John Wildhack’s Journey Back to SU

(c) 2016 AP. Photo by Nick Lisi


By India Timpton SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Once you go Orange, there is no going back. For many returning to their Alma Mater is a rare occurrence, but not for John Wildhack who steps foot on his former campus every day! Currently serving as Syracuse University’s 11th Athletic Directory, Wildhack returned in July of 2017 to lead all of The Orange’s athletic programs.

As a graduate of The Newhouse School, he went on to excel at ESPN where he held a top executive position. After an over 30 year career with the sports network, Wildhack found his passion for The Orange leading him back to SU. Not long after this realization he moved his family back to the city he had previously called home as an undergraduate student.

Now as a father and a husband, Wildhack and his family were immediately accepted with open arms by the Syracuse community. While one son takes his SU basketball history very seriously, he jokes about his potential to wear an Orange jersey one day. “Unfortunately they have my genes so I’m not sure they have a future in athletics,” said Wildhack.

With year one as Athletic Director complete, he could not be happier. The job is what he expected mostly, but believes the most invaluable part of his newest career is getting to interact with athletes on a daily bases.

Wildhack is excited for the 2017-2018 season. With the addition of the ACC Network and talk of renovating The Dome, who would not be! He is just getting started sparking change around here and hopes to positively impact the university and the community.