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Romagnoli’s Christmas Tree Farm Grows from the Ground Up

Christmas trees as far as the eye can see fill a large field in Canastota. One man is responsible for them all.

Dewey Romagnoli and his wife bought a dairy farm that was on the property in 1994. He planted 1,000 seeds that year, and spent the first seven years planting, trimming and fertilizing.

“It was just something I always wanted to do,” Romagnoli said, “Probably because I remember going out with my dad as a kid. I thought ‘maybe I’d like to do this someday.”

Romagnoli’s Christmas Tree Farm has been growing ever since, and now hosts over 20,000 trees.

Families can cut down their own tree or select pre-cut trees of all kinds. They can also enjoy hot chocolate, a small shop inside and Santa Claus on the weekends.

All trees combined, Romagnoli expects to sell a couple of hundred trees out of the 20,000 in stock.

In late November Romagnoli’s supported the Trees for Troops Campaign.  Where families could donate trees to be sent overseas to United States Military members families.

Everyone who works on the farm is a family member, and Romagnoli said he is not quite sure who will take on the business after him.