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New York’s E-Cigarette Ban Could Be Harmful to Smokers

E-cigarettes could be healthier than smoking regular cigarettes. (c) 2017 Ashley Burroughs

By Ashley Burroughs SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS)-Governor Cuomo has issued a state wide ban that will limit where you can smoke e-cigarettes. This ban will prohibit people from smoking in the following areas:

  • Public Transportation
  • Workplace
  • Indoors at public/private colleges
  • Outdoors where smoking cigarettes are already prohibited

E-cigarettes have become a popular alternative to smoking regular cigarettes and some believe that this ban will do more harm than good. Zoe James, a former cigarette smoker, was struggling to quit smoking before she started using e-cigerattes.

“Honestly, I wouldn’t go back to smoking cigarettes after this. I can’t stand them at this point,” Zoe James said.

E-cigarettes have a variety of flavors compared to cigarettes that only contain tobacco and menthol, a mint flavor.

Since e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco it was easier for James to quit smoking cigarettes.

“Getting that good flavor, like it just taste cleaner and it smells better like opposed to cigarettes and when you are so used to vaping and getting that nice smell and nice taste if you go back to cigarettes it just taste awful and smells awful,” James said.

Some smokers use the nicotine patch while using e-cigarettes to help break their addiction. When buying e-cigarettes, you can regulate the amount of nicotine you would like to have. There is approximately 12 milligrams in one regular cigarette. In an e-cigarette, there are three nicotine levels:

  • O milligrams
  • 3 miligrams
  • 6 milligrams

Although the FDA is still trying to figure out the positive and negative effects of e-cigarettes,  one expert say that there other alternatives like:

  • Nicotine patch
  • Counseling

But if you had the choose between smoking e-cigarettes or cigarettes,  choose e-cigarettes.

” Without the tobacco product in there. It’s a feeling that they are a healthier product. I think at this point we don’t have enough studies to know exactly how healthy is it but I think it’s a general feeling that it is healthier, ” Tobacco Specialist Suzanne Brisk said.