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Citizens Sign a Petition to Try to solve the Traffic Problems near SU

Cititzens signed a petition to try to find a solution to the Syracuse University traffic problems. (c) 2017 Rafael Freitas

By Rafael Freitas, SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC News) – Traffic is a problem that a lot of people have to deal with every day around Syracuse University Campus. For that reason, some concerned citizens signed a petition in an effort to try to solve the problem.

Irving Avenue, near Crouse Hospital, has some of the worst traffic.

People that live, work and study in the area are affected daily.

“It is really busy in the morning, specially with the construction,” said Kerry Chiguiritas, a cardiologist nurse for Crouse Hospital. ” On the afternoon it gets even worse because I-81 is  backed up.”

Not only Crouse Hospital employees have to deal with traffic problems daily.

“Every morning that I have to bring any passenger here it is hard,” said Andy Smith, a logistic consultant that drives for Uber to get extra money. “Every time between 8 a.m and 5 p.m is tough.”

Some concerned citizens had an idea to try to solve the problem. They signed a petition and delivered it to the Syracuse Common Council. The idea is to reverse the traffic on Marshall Street to encourage a better flow in the University area.

Student Tara Newman is one of the persons who signed up the petition and believes the change will benefit the entire area.

“I’ve been living here my whole life. Traffic around this area is horrible,” she said. “If they could make it so the cars came from University Avenue, it would lessen the congestion on South Crouse Street. And that potentially seems a little more efficient for drivers and pedestrians.”


Areas that would be affect by the change, according to the Petition

  • Irving Avenue
  • Waverly Avenue – West Lane
  • South Crouse Avenue
  • Marshall Street


The petition was analyzed by the Department of Public Works of Syracuse, responsible for traffic issues around the city. DPW Commissioner Pete O’ Connor agreed there is a traffic issue in the area, but doesn’t think this is the best solution for the problem.

” I just don’t believe the traffic is gonna be moved away from it,” he said after looking the petition for the first time.  “The petition is just traffic going the opposite direction it goes right now. The people that want to go to Marshall Street on their block are still going to Marshall St on their block . They just are in a different way.”

O’Connor also said this idea would cost a lot of money to the city.

“That would not be an easy switch where you just change signs and say ‘ok, we are going the other way’,” he said.  “There would be a very expensive project to do that. We can’t do those move from nowhere. We have to discuss with professional engineers. That is expensive.”

The commissioner said he will talk with the Syracuse Common Council to discuss the problem and will try to come with a better solution.

“Petitions are nice because they show people are interested and are trying to do something. But these issues have to be look with extremely care. Our opinion doesn’t really count, we have to talk with an specialist,” he said. “The best thing those concerned people can do is call my office and try to talk with me or anyone in my team. We will explain why changing directions on Marshall Street is not the best solution.”

You can visit the Deparment of Public Works clicking here.

Petition to reverse the direction on Marshall Street: according to it, would benefit congestion of the Crouse and Marshall area of the University.