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BDJ Students Take on Mobile Reporting Experiment

By Sara Bonadies (NCC News) SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Professor Randy Wenner’s radio newscast class has been experimenting with radio storytelling since August.

With the semester winding down, they were faced with a new challenge – taking to the field to compile a video story using their smartphones.

The students used the app FilmoraGo to compile interviews, voice tracks and stand-ups into a short video package.

The students were assigned to one of three topics: Syracuse Alum Jeff Glor anchoring the CBS Evening News, lessons learned from the Mumps outbreak on campus, as well as next year’s tuition hike.

Reaction to Syracuse Alum Jeff Glor Becoming New CBS Evening News Anchor:

By Gabrielle Caracciolo

By Andrew Graham

By Ally Heath

By Faith Cain

By Timothy Collins

Update on Mumps on SU Campus:

By Jason Herman

By Jonah Karp

By Josh Horwitz

By  Jonathon Hoppe

By Emma Henzes

Student Reaction to Next Year’s Tuition Hike:

By Jack McMullen

By Brendan Mortensen

By Jack Watson