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Access CNY Is Trying A New Strategy to Raise Money

Access CNY making strides to expand Exploring Your World preschool by relying on funds from the Syracuse Auto Expo Fundraiser. (c) 2017 Ashley Burroughs

By Ashley Burroughs SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS): Syracuse Auto Expo is hosting a fundraiser to support 13 local charities in the Central New York area. One of these charities, Access CNY, has an Exploring Your World Preschool that focuses on students with developmental issues.

For over 30 years, this preschool has provided these children with learning experiences to prepare them for kindergarten. In this program, teachers use New York State preschool core curriculum to teach the students while supporting the child’s development needs. These needs include the following:

  • Motor skills
  • Language
  • Social and emotional needs

“Birth through five is so important in all of their development so this is kind of a starting point for them and success for the rest of their school. So it all starts when they are young and we get to offer them so many different opportunities throughout the day just to grow and change,” Special Education teacher Amy Phillips said.

Students get personalized attention because there are multiple aids in the classroom. These may include speech throughout the day and one-on-one sessions that focuses on a specific area the student is struggling with.

This year enrollment has decreased in the program so Access CNY is working with United Way to increase the attendance. This organization is also relying on the funds it receives from the Syracuse Auto Fundraiser to hire more teachers and expand the preschool by buying more books and materials for the classroom.

This fundraiser has raised $200,000 for the local charities and Access CNY received $10,000.

“We have incredible donors and sponsors who come support Access CNY,” Communications Director Nikki Bomasuto said.

For the past 20 years, The Syracuse Auto Expo Fundraiser has raised over $5 million dollars for charities in Central New York.