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2017 Cicero Citizens Police Academy ‘Building Relationships’

Tommy Farrell - Cicero Citizens Police Academy - November 28, 2017

By Tommy Farrell CICERO, N.Y. (NCC News) – The Cicero Citizens Police Academy is in its third year allowing academy members to get an inside look of the police department. The academy is a 14-week, once a week program that gives the 20 students behind the scenes access to law enforcement work that a regular citizen wouldn’t see.

Sgt. Michael O’Neill, the coordinator of the CCPA, wants to set the record straight.

“What they see on TV and what they see on the media,” O’Neill said. “That’s a very poor representation of law enforcement.”

The topics that are covered in the 14-week program include:

  • CPD Department Functions
  • Use of Force
  • Legal Updates
  • Forensics Unit
  • K9 Demonstration
  • Air Ops (Medivac) Demonstration
  • Tour of 9-1-1 Center
  • Crime Prevention and Block Security
  • Drugs, Special Investigations, and Search Warrants
  • Crimes Against Persons
  • Crisis Negotiations
  • Marine Patrol, Water Safety and Under Water Search and Recovery (USART)
  • Court and Jail Tour
  • Firearms Demonstration

During the class on November 28th, members were introduced a robot and dog. The first guest was Yellow, a K9 sheriff’s dog that is trained by Deputy William June to detect explosives. Instead of stuffed animals and bones, Yellow’s toys consist of wooden blocks and garden hoses with the scent of explosives inside of it.

The second guest of the evening was a $600,000 EOD (explosive ordinance disposal) robot that assists in bomb safety.

On December 15th, the 2017 members of the Cicero Citizens Police Academy will graduate and receive a “Certificate of Completion” by Police Chief Joseph Snell.

CCPA class members learning about EOD Robots (c) 2017 Tommy Farrell