Surveillance Cameras Being Installed to Combat Crime on Milton Avenue

Increased criminal activity in West Syracuse is leading to increased security cameras in the area. (c) 2017 Jude Allume

By Jude Allume SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Citizens of West Syracuse have been calling city officials to take action against the neighborhoods recent increase in criminal activity. Syracuse Police department has recognized the neighborhood as a growing crime area through crime mapping, supporting the concern of local residents.

The Syracuse common council has decided to install cameras in the neighborhood in an effort to respond to the call for help from the neighborhood residents and to combat the crime.

Some businesses in the area, like Solvay Super Saver believe it’s too little too late. The convenience store has been operating for six years and has seen other businesses and resident leave the area as the crime has worsened.

“Crime has definitely went up since we’ve gotten here,” said Sam Deb, Owner of the convenience store. “There’s been a couple stores closed down around here, but definitely different customers in here. I think it’ll help a little bit in the beginning, but as far as cameras being up, I think that the people that are committing crimes around here are just gonna find a way around it. ”

Head of the city council’s public safety committee, Steve Thompson, sees the installation of the cameras differently. The former police chief is familiar with the cameras and has seen the change they can bring to a neighborhood with high crime rates.

“There’s multiple cameras within that area,” Thompson said. “So if something is missed on one, it’s usually picked up on another and so what we have found and what we’ve been told by the police department is that criminal activity in areas where cameras are up, decreases and or if it doesn’t decrease, what happens is that the individuals that are committing crimes are apprehended because they are viewed on camera, the department is able to identify those individuals and in affect arrest.”

The police department ultimately decides on where the cameras go based on crime mapping, but also use the input of neighborhood residents when considering which locations need the cameras most. The cameras will be installed in December with the funding for the cameras being approved this month.

The cameras will be placed at: