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Cortland Man Tests Age in Intense Race

50 Year Cortland Man Participates in a High Difficulty Test of Endurance

By Kat Brady SYRACUSE N.Y. (NCC News) — 

Just south of Syracuse lies central New York’s largest skiing location, Greek Peak Mountain Resort. Greek peek is also the east coast’s home to the Spartan Sprint Race.
While the race is happening at Greek Peak, Cortland native and Spartan Sprint participant, Lee Boreland, spends most of his time at the YMCA just 15 minutes down the road, training for the big day.

“To me I find it a lot easier to work out when you have a goal and something to achieve instead of just coming to the gym everyday with nothing in sight… because it’s easy to get distracted to me when you don’t have a real goal,” said Boreland, who is no stranger to the event. He participated in a Spartan Sprint last year and feels even more prepared for this next race.

“I was scared the first time, and I think you know being a bit more experienced I’m not as scared because I know what to expect,” he said. Boreland was always a physically active person, having played soccer and ran track when he was younger. He even credits his lack of fear to his college days as a pole vaulter.

“I look at pole vaulting now and see it and I’m just like wow… that looks suicidal,” he laughed. Clearly, pole vaulting has been no competition compared to the Spartan Sprint. The race is a 3.5 mile sprint through roughly 20 different obstacles; not to mention, terrain covered in snow and ice adding to the challenge. Although he just turned 50, Boreland has no plans to let his age affect his performance at Greek peek.

“Use it while you still got it, you know. I feel blessed that I’m actually still able to do this stuff when I’m fifty, so you know just go as long as you can,” said Boreland. There are many more races left in his life, but this one will be the sweetest. Borelands daughter has decided to participate in this year’s Spartan Sprint, so the race will be a family affair.