Central New York

Bump The Mumps Clears Up Rumors

By Michael Lehr SYRACUSE, NY (NCC News) —¬†Syracuse University hosted¬†Bump The Mumps to spread awareness about a mumps outbreak on campus.

SU Health Services reports 41 confirmed cases of the mumps and another 79 probable cases as of November, 15th. Much of the first semester of classes has been filled with discussion and action to prevent the disease from spreading.

Bump The Mumps featured free hot chocolate, cups and sanitary swag for students to collect. Health Services Intern Joshua Figueroa said the goal was to communicate with students.

“We know there are a lot of rumors going around campus, so we are here to clear things up,” Figueroa said, “Students can ask questions about the mumps and get the right answers from us.”

SU senior Juilia Haber helped organize the event and said it was a great opportunity to get the message out to students in a fun and engaging way.

Students signed the pledge to do their part to stop the mumps from spreading. Health Services said they are not sure if the upcoming Thanksgiving break will stop the disease from spreading.