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UberEats launches in Syracuse

UberEats creates a more convenient way for restaurants to deliver food to customers. (c) 2017 Brooke Meenachan

By Brooke Meenachan Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News)  Food delivery apps have gone from being an afterthought to a core part of the restaurant business. UberEATS launched in Syracuse on Monday and restaurants are already starting to see orders come in.

According to a financial software, data and media company, Bloomberg, American’s have spent more money on eating out than buying groceries since March 2015.

“It’s really kind of the way new restaurants are working these days. Customers are expecting to get things immediately with as much convenience as possible,” said Jennifer Walls, owner of the Sweet Praxis. The restaurant is one of 30 in Syracuse participating in UberEATS.

It attracts familiar customers, but also a different customer base, one that is more inclined to order from an app for home delivery.

Not only does UberEATS help restaurants deliver more food, restaurants don’t have to go through the process of hiring anyone to make those deliveries. UberEATS provides them the delivery service.

“We have the drivers out there on the road already, so it really is such a good option to get your food delivered quickly, reliably, fast and fresh,” said Uber spokesperson, Danielle Filman.

Syracuse is the second location in upstate New York to launch UberEATS. The company launched in Buffalo just over a month ago.

Filman says restaurants are already seeing the benefits there.

“Restaurants are increasing their businesses just because Uber has a great brand recognition. People have the app, they’re excited to use it and maybe they’re not in the mood to go out to eat, but they’re more inclined to push a button and get the food delivered,” she said. “In some cases, restaurants have more than doubled their daily business partnering with UberEATS.”

UberEATS will cover several locations, including:

  • Syracuse University’s campus
  • Downtown
  • Northside
  • Dewitt.

Jennifer Walls is hoping Syracuse sees the same turnaround as Buffalo.

“I don’t know. We’ll have to see. I’m excited to see what the app provides moving forward,” she said. “The fact that UberEATS has already been in large cities throughout the country and has been successful in those markets is kind of a good example of how we could benefit here in Syracuse.”

Restaurants like Sweet Praxis can also benefit from the statistics UberEATS provides them. Filman says the restaurants will receive information on what people are ordering, how much and when. This way they will be able to tailor their menus towards the trends.

The UberEats app is also beneficial to customers who use it.

“Syracuse has a thriving local food scene and there is a big hunger for food delivery. UberEATS offers the people of Syracuse a way to get their favorite foods from top restaurants delivered straight to their door,” said Filman.

Those who order from the app can track their order and see who is delivering it.

The following restaurants launched with UberEATS in Syracuse.