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Destiny USA Employees are Prepared for Black Friday Madness

This time next week, doors to Destiny USA will be used very frequently. (c) 2017 Nicholas Kuzma

Listen here to hear about my trip to Destiny USA a week before Black Friday 2017.

By Nicholas Kuzma, Syracuse, NY (NCC News)- The start of the Christmas shopping season is almost here and Destiny USA is ready to take it on.

Black Friday, which really takes place Thanksgiving night until the end of Friday, is one of the busiest times of the year at New York State’s biggest mall.

The mall’s employees know what to expect and are prepared for the craziness that is coming their way.

“We work nonstop,” said Macy’s Associate Christina Pratt. “We go through the whole night. It usually tapers off like in the wee hours of the morning. But then as soon as people start waking up on Friday, revs up again and goes through all the way ’til the end of Friday like at 10 pm.”

The prices are the main reason so many people come to the mall on Black Friday.

Pratt said some products will be as much as 60% or more off. She said Macy’s will make hundreds of thousands of dollars from Thursday at 4 pm, when the store opens for Black Friday, until the end of the day Friday.

With so many people flocking to the mall for Black Friday sales, there is a potential for accidents.

Old Navy Operations Manager Derek, who declined to give his last named, stressed the need for a cordial environment next Thursday and Friday.

“There’s just gonna be a lot of people here. There’s gonna be a lot of car traffic,” he said. “So all I can just state to, like, the general public is just try and be as safe as possible and be as courteous as possible because there’s going to be a lot of people around.”