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California Wineries Struggling To Meet Central New York Demand

California Wines, Like Fray, are struggling to meet demand. (c) 2017 Josh Horwitz

Local stores affected by Northern California Wildfires

By Josh Horwitz GEDDES, N.Y. (NCC News) — Central New York’s wine industry may take a hit as wildfires continue to ravage large parts of Northern California, including the world-famous Napa wine district.

Joe Alfieri, owner of the local Hallinan’s Liquor, says that some wineries and brands from Northern California will be difficult to order for the coming months.

“There is gonna be specific wineries, brands that we carry that have been affected that may continue to be affected,” he said.

According to the Wine Institute of California, California is responsible for 85 percent of all U.S. wine, generating over $114 billion for the national economy. The fires will greatly affect wine and wine distribution across the country.  The good news, said Alfieri, is that due to the nature of wine, crops that are being destroyed right now are far away from having been turned into wine for sale in Central New York.

“And the things that are being affected now, we’re still probably two years out on it actually hitting the shelves and being an issue,” said Alfieri.

While it may be difficult to get some favorite Napa brands, this poses a great opportunity to try some local vineyards. According to the New York Wine and Grape Foundation, New York has over 1,400 wineries, including several very popular brands here in Central New York.