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Food Bank of CNY Program Gives Grocery Store Customers a Chance to Donate

Price Chopper customer John Clement showed off his receipt after using his purchase to make a donation with Check Out Hunger(c) 2017 Cassondra Balkin

Hear Price Chopper customer Les Ashby’s thoughts on the Check Out Hunger promotion being provided in some CNY grocery stores this Fall season.

By Cassondra Balkin SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) —  Dozens of people filed in and out of the Price Chopper on Erie Boulevard on this Wednesday morning, pushing carts filled with everything from apples to Oreos. However, despite this sight, according to HeatheCNY  as of 2015, 13.2 percent of people in Onondaga County live with the uncertainty of the next time they’ll have access to good, wholesome food.

The Food Bank of Central New York is trying to fight this number by providing check out donation services in grocery stores across CNY. Starting November 1st, Price Chopper Stores will now be one of grocery stores that provides this donation option called “Check out Hunger”. The  campaign  gives  the customer the option of making small donation with their purchase.

John Clement, a customer doing his morning grocery shopping, smiled sheepishly when talking about whether or not he’d donate with the service day.

“I’m no extravagant philanthropist by any means, I donate my time mostly. If I can donate a dollar, five dollars, or even ten here at the checkout line today then I can gladly do that,” said Clement.

Check Out Hunger is used as a partnership program between Food Banks and various grocery stores and eateries, who team up to collect money for Food Banks across the nation.

“If I can help anyone under privileged it would be my pleasure, especially during the holidays season,” said Clement.

The CNY charity campaign will be running at Price Choppers through the end of November and Price Rites through the end of December. The Food Bank of CNY will use these donations to help provide people with food across Onondaga County, and ten other CNY counties as well.