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UberEATS Is Ready to Serve in Syracuse

The Distillery utilizes the UberEATS app to deliver burgers, fries and more. (c) 2017 Jordan Capozzi

By Jordan Capozzi SYRACUSE. N.Y. (NCC News) – Uber’s new food delivery service has expanded to Syracuse.

UberEATS began delivering food to Syracuse residents on Monday. Uber’s ride-sharing service arrived in the area just a few months ago.

Similar to apps like Grubhub and Eatstreet, UberEATS delivers food from multiple restaurants around Syracuse. The list of 27 establishments includes McDonald’s, Mac’s Local Yolk, Roji Tea Lounge, and the Distillery.

The Distillery is run by General Manager Andi Henty. Henty says she expects UberEATS to benefit her restaurant.

“Last year our takeout sales through Grubhub were through the roof so I assume UberEATS is going to be the same,” Henty said. She also said that the app is user-friendly and updated.

The UberEATS app is free to download., and you can log in with your Uber ride-sharing account. It allows you to order your food for pick-up as well as delivery. Henty says the service increases the restaurant’s appeal in a time where face-to-face contact is less common, and often times undesired.

“We’re facing a new era these days. I do the same thing. I’d rather just put it in on an app, pay for it, and done,” Henty said. “It helps us regardless. If somebody doesn’t want to come into the restaurant, they’re still ordering from us.”

In a highly competitive food-delivery industry, UberEATS promises to deliver food with Uber Speed. Syracuse student Rachel Londergan says speed is just one of the things that the service could do to outperform it’s rivals. Londergan, a user of Grubhub and Good Uncle, says she hopes UberEATS is fast and has more options for food than its competitors.