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SU Officials Not Worried About Halloween Partying

By Claudia Bellofatto SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)-   Ah, Halloween. When most people plan for the spooky holiday, they think about candy and costumes. College students? Candy, costumes and alcohol.

Most college students dress up and party a whole week before the actual day of Halloween. While partying in college is common, Syracuse University student Nicole Weaving says Halloween should not be a reason to abuse alcohol.

 “There’s no cause on a given night that requires you to get so drunk that you don’t know what’s going on or you’re not in control,” she says.

Last year nearly a dozen SU students were sent to the hospital every week for alcohol concerns. Nicole says the best way to prevent these numbers from maintaining or increasing is to stick to the basics.
“Don’t push yourself just because it’s Halloween weekend. Know yourself, eat a good dinner, drink lots of water. All the dumb advice you have probably pushed aside over the years, it really is important. It could turn a good night into a really bad one if you don’t follow the easy advice,” she says.
Even as a sophomore, Nicole said she has been in several worrisome situations after a night of partying.
One tool that can help Nicole and all students is the LIVE SAFE app. Found right on the DPS website, the app provides immediate services, allows one to track friend’s locations, and even has tools and tips for a range of situations. DPS officer John Sardino said the app can be helpful on nights like Halloween if a student is in a situation where they don’t know the best solution.
“If you’re feeling a little bit stressed, you don’t have to think about what it is I should do right now,” Sardino said.
Both DPS and Syracuse EMT’s said they don’t have any out-of-the-ordinary  concerns for tonight. Because the holiday falls on a Tuesday, they will have the normal amount of staff they would on a Friday or Saturday night, but nothing more. Officer Sardino says he is not too worried about the partying on one particular night; he hopes all of the students have fun and stay safe.
“I expect behavior to be acceptable … By and large we have a great community here that really does do the right thing,” he says.