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Syracuse Launches Newest Food Delivery App For Community

By Lisa Nho SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — UberEATS, a food delivery service, has begun its course this week in Syracuse.

Launched on Monday, this delivery app offers food delivery from participating local restaurants within the city. Some of these restaurants include Syracuse Hots, Modern Malt, Brooklyn Pickle and more.

The use of the nationally popular ride-hailing app, Uber, became legal in Syracuse last summer after years of lobbying state and local governments. Now, the company’s newest food delivery addition allows its customers to have more options when choosing to use the app. The service will reach four central areas: the Syracuse University campus, downtown Syracuse, DeWitt, and North Side Syracuse. Syracuse University sophomore Danielle Ozols is excited for what the new UberEATS app will bring to not only the campus but to the community as a whole.

“It’s great to see that companies like Uber are broadening their scopes to have people use their apps and services more. More business is better, I guess,” Ozols said.

UberEATS will give local communities in Syracuse a wider range of options, including:

  1. Drivers can have flexible ways to earn more money by providing rides and delivering food.
  2. App users can have another quick, easy, and reliable way to have their food delivered.
  3. Customers can choose their food from full menus provided on the new app.

With this new addition to the food delivery group, other major services that operate within the city – like GrubHub and EatStreet – may be looking at new competition. However, according to recent studies, these companies have still seen a growth in monthly active users since the inception and introduction of UberEATS.

The services can be accessed through the smartphone app that is available on iOS and Android and also on the UberEATS website. For the app, accounts on the Uber app may be synced to the UberEATS app as well.