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SU Students, Faculty React to New York City Terror Attack

Tuesday’s terrorist attack in New York City occured near the red circle in the map above (just a few blocks north of the World Trade Center). The Syracuse University Lubin House is not too far away, located on the Lower East Side.

By Jake Marsh (SYRACUSE, N.Y. – NCC NEWS) – Roughly 25 students are members of the Newhouse in NYC Program located in Manhattan.

Just minutes after Tuesday’s New York City Terror Attacks, each one of them was accounted for.

Julie O’Keefe, a senior advertising major, felt safe throughout the chain of events on the Lower West Side.

“Right when it happened, our social media professor reached out to us and she sent out her phone number,” O’Keefe said. “She sent out her phone number and told us she lived on the Upper East Side. So, if you guys want to talk, I completely understand or want to meet up.”

Director of the Newhouse in NYC Program, Cheryl Brody Franklin, said that safety is the number one priority for Syracuse students in the area.

“We, as any program that is off campus, have a protocol where we have to make sure that all of our students check in,” Franklin said. “The Associate Director, Shelley Griffin, immediately sent out an email to all the students and within a half hour, we had confirmed that everyone was okay.”

Sayfullo Saipov, 29, was the suspect in Tuesday’s terror attack. He was shot in the stomach by authorities and remains hospitalized.

Authorities found a note near the truck he was driving that claimed the attack was done in the name of ISIS.

Eight people were killed in the attack, including five tourists from Argentina.