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One Holiday Fanatic Prepares to Welcome Trick-or-Treaters Next Week

Alberta Beaudion is preparing to welcome her "spooky" guests on Halloween Night. (c) Alana Seldon 2017

By Alana Seldon Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) – The “spooky” holiday that many dress up and decorate for is around the corner and trick-or-treaters are expected to hit the Syracuse streets. The kids are not the only ones looking forward to the night, however.

Alberta Beaudion has been a Syracuse resident since 1965 and has lived at her current home on Court Street for the last 20 years, where she has decorated her home for each of those years, without fail. Beaudion likes to bring out the festive spirit in everyone. She decorates her front yard for every holiday, but she says her favorite ones to decorate for are Christmas, Easter and Halloween.

Halloween is a week away and Beaudion has been preparing for her dressed-up guests since the beginning of the month, and she does it all by herself.

“I have bins and bins and bins of stuff. I bring one out and when I’m finished I go inside and bring out another one,” she said. “My kids and my old man don’t like it; they think it’s stupid, but I don’t care. It’s for the kids, and that’s who I do it for, it’s the kids.”

Beaudion’s home on Court Street is one that definitely catches the eyes of drivers passing by on the main road; she’s the only house on her block who decorates. She says people even get out of their cars to take pictures of her yard and all of the decorations. While she says her family doesn’t really agree, Beaudion enjoys the spotlight.

“I’m glad that I’m the only house in that ’cause I get all the attention,” she said.

However, Beaudion says she doesn’t forget that it’s not about her on Halloween, but her favorite part is seeing how the candy, decorations and her holiday spirit makes the kids feel that night.

Although Beaudion’s house is a popular one for kids to hit, in past years, she’s been surprised at how fast she runs out. “I buy five-pound bags and by eight o’clock at night, I’m all out,” she said. Beaudion buys four of those large bags.

Her first trick-or-treaters start ringing the doorbell at five o’clock, so in just three hours, she says she’s looking to close her gate, shut off the lights and pray she doesn’t get any more knocks.

That doesn’t always keep the kids away. Sometimes Beaudion has to use her grandchildren’s candy to give to the trick-or-treaters when she runs out.

Beaudion takes pride in reminding the community that holidays are to be celebrated, and at Halloween, it’s not all about receiving the candy, but about the experience.

See a list of family-friendly Halloween events in the area, below.

  • Onondaga County Public Libraries: The libraries have several Halloween events for kids and parents, throughout the week. Costumes are strongly encouraged at all events.
    For Central Library, call 315-435-1900.
    For Paine Branch Library, call 315-435-5442.
    For Beauchamp Branch Library, call 315-435-3395.
    For Soule Branch Library, call 315-435-5320.
    For White Branch Library, call 315-435-3519.
    For Mundy Branch Library, call 315-435-3797.
    For Hazard Branch Library, call 315-435-5326.
  • Syracuse Parks “Spooktacular”: Syracuse’s annual “Spooktacular” event returns to Burnet Park on Coleridge Avenue for the final two weekends of October. The event is held rain or shine by the City of Syracuse Department of Parks & Recreation & Youth Programs. The Halloween celebration includes a haunted house, pumpkin patch, carnival games and activities for children 16 or younger. The last day is Oct. 28 from 6-9 p.m. and it’s free of charge.