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Local Haunted House Takes Chills to New Level

(C) 2017 Josh Horwitz

By Josh Horwitz PALERMO, NY (NCC NEWS)  

A local haunted house is raising the bar on what fear really is. Frightmare Farms, of Palermo, New York has taken the idea of a traditional haunted house and turned it into a production worthy of any theater.

There are multiple different experiences on the property including the traditional haunted house, a haunted labyrinth and an escape room designed like a serial killer’s lair.

Production Director Nicole Ginsburg says the amount of work the “Corpse Crew” as they affectionately call themselves,  puts in really sets themselves apart from other Halloween experiences.

“Every year we try to reflect and think: Ok. What can we do better? What can we add that’s new?”

In addition to preparing their actors with heavy training, they prepare intense special effects that light up the night and design world-class sets to enhance the experience. Ginsburg says the goal of the entire production team is to always get better.
“Thankfully we’ve been able to find different ways to challenge and different ways to up ourselves and, and continue.”

The Frightmare Farms season wraps up this weekend so check them out before they pack it up for next year.