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The Vera House Is Ready For Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Vera House Inc. is working to lower the number of domestic violence incidents in the area during October's awareness month and beyond by educating adults and high school students in the community.

By India Timpton SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Since 1981, October has nationally been known as Domestic Violence Awareness month. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence began the tradition years ago to shed light on one of the dark realities of our society, which is that many women and men suffer abuse at the hands of their partners.

Many victims did not know where to go for help or how to get away from their abuser, but the NCADV’s initial goal was to change that. The once-a-year month of awareness has now evolved to:

  • help victims find safety
  • bringing memory to those who lost their lives from domestic violence
  • celebrate those who have survived it
  • connect all people willing to work to end domestic violence

In the city of Syracuse many have committed to spreading the word about the importance of this annual campaign. Destiny Mall, Syracuse University, and Vera House Incorporated have all changed outdoor light bulbs on their properties to shine their support to the cause.

Vera House Inc. is committed to helping victims all-year round, and have a list of events on their Facebook page for people looking to get involved in supporting their cause. Domestic Violence is a problem in New York state, and the Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence have released data showing just that.

Some statics from 2016 were:

  • The number of Intimate Partner Homicides rose by 22% in a year
  • Women were the victims in 61% of the reported assaults
  • Cutting/stabbing instruments were used in most of the domestic violence homicides at 41% of total cases
  • Courts issued 310,395 orders of protection, up 6% from the previous year

During a domestic violence emergency call 911, but if that is not what you want to do there are other options.

Vera House has a staff members working their hot-line everyday of the week, 24-hours a day and welcomes any calls from anyone who needs help (315)468-3260.

Located at 723 James St. Syracuse, N.Y., they also offer a wide range of assistance formats such as legal help, shelter services, violence prevention training, child protection services, and more.

For more statistics from Vera House’s community report on domestic violence and other forms of violence in our community click here for the 28th Annual 2016 Report to the Community.