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Organic Turkeys in Demand in Central New York

Organic Turkeys

By Katie Benoit SYRACUSE, N.Y.( NCC NEWS) – As Thanksgiving approaches, orders for turkeys are being placed to Central New York farms.

The birds raised by local farmer are usually organic like the ones at Cobblestone Farms in Preble. These animals are free from antibiotics and hormones. They are also raised in a pasture with soil that is well maintained. This means that good soil biology leads to the manure and the food the turkeys eat to break down quicker.

“The most important thing about being organic is the soil. The health of soil and once you have the healthy soil, everything rolls the right way from there,” Maureen Knapp, owner of Cobblestone Farms, said.

Knapp says that in the past few day more people have been calling for birds and she expects to sell out before the holidays.

Dan Palladino, owner of The Farm Store, doesn’t raise turkeys on his farm but his costumers have been asking for them.  The Farm Store is part of Palladino Farms and sells products from the farm. He might start raising them next season, but for this year he is reaching out to other farmers to help with his customers’ needs.

“You know there’s a big demand right now for local foods and products. When I reached out the first farmer about four days ago they had 15 and I’ve gotten commitments on all 15, of them,” Palladino said.

One of the reason the birds are in such heavy demand is because of the way they are raised. Karl Klein has been getting an organic turkey from Cobble Storm Farm for eight years. He likes to know that the food he’s eating at Thanksgiving has been raised properly.

“We didn’t like what we saw all the antibiotics and the conditions they are raised in. We didn’t like what we saw. We figured if it’s not good for the turkeys it’s not good for us,” Klein said.

According to Consumer Reports, birds that are organic have less bacteria present than normal turkeys. This bacteria in regular turkeys can make humans sick. Regular turkeys are usually treated with antibiotics, causing bacteria within the animals. This bacteria can also spread through the air and the soil.