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Will Hicks Brings ‘Cuse the Juice

By Michael Lehr SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — William Hicks grew up playing college football at NC State, lifted competitively for a few years and finally settled on being a college strength coach.

He came to Syracuse University in 2000 and has since taken over as Assistant Athletic Director/Athletic Performance for Olympic Sports. He trains the Women’s Tennis, Rowing,  Softball and Field Hockey teams while contributing to injury rehabilitation as well.

“I love it,” Hicks said, “I love coaching these student athletes and helping them reach further than they could have alone.”

Hicks has energy that is contagious and is the first person to greet student athletes with a yell across Manley Field House, and asking them if they are feeling the “juice.”

He has special “juice” of his own every morning. Before the sun rises Hicks drinks a 44 ounce coffee, two mountain dews and another 44 ounce coffee. 44 is SU’s favorite number, and that’s a whole lot of caffeine.

According to caffeineinformer.com, that is over 1,100 mg of caffeine before 6:30 AM when workouts kick off.

Hicks is a lot more than just energy, he really makes an impact on students lives on campus. At the end of October he will partake in something truly special.

On October 28th at J.S. Coyne Stadium, Hicks will walk SU Field Hockey’s Annalena Ulbrich onto the field for Senior Day. Ulbrich is a student from Germany, so her parents will not be in attendance but she asked her strength coach to do the honor.

“It is the greatest honor I have received as a coach,” Hicks said.

His coaching philosophy is to provide students with great training, but make sure they are the best people they can be when they leave the University.