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The Syracuse Community Is Striving To Keep The Art of Antiques Alive

By Elissa Candiotti SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Each year, thousands on the East Coast travel to Syracuse in an effort to keep the art of antiques alive.

“It’s a passion,” Christine Handzel, owner of Handzel Dealers, said. “It gets in your blood.”

Shoppers and vendors come together each autumn at the New York State Fairgrounds for the annual Salt City Antique Show. The tradition took place this year on Saturday, October 14 and 15. More than 150 antique collectors showcased their favorite items this fall.

There were multiple booths that showcased glass at the antique show, a popular item purchased this year (c) Elissa Candiotti 2017.

“If you come in here and don’t see something that catches your eye, you’re either blind or left your glasses home,” Bob Veder, an antique poster dealer, said.

Antique lovers spent the day going booth to booth, searching for the unique, the special, and the things they can’t find anywhere else.

“Finding things like quilt, you think about someone making that quilt,” Georgia Jackson, an antique collector, said. “You think about the years and the love that went into it.”

The most popular antiques this year were carpet, glass, and jewelry, many of which sold for thousands of dollars. Antique dealers say the items often serve as meaningful mementos or pieces of nostalgia.

For some, the highly-anticipated day was not just one for selling and shopping but also for rekindling old friendships. Many of the same vendors show up year after year, and their loyal customers follow suit.

While searching for items and collections, antique shoppers and dealers have built strong friendships throughout the years (c) Elissa Candiotti 2017.

Chris Wright, an avid antique shopper, became friends with Handzel eight years ago at an antique show. The two have been friends ever since, meeting up at collectors’ events each year.

“It’s the passion. It’s the connection,” Wright, an antique shopper, said. “You can’t explain friendship until it’s there.”

Wright and many others are looking forward to the next antique show at the New York State Fairgrounds on Saturday, November 25 and Sunday, November 26.