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Syracuse Fire Department Shares Tips On Fire Prevention

Syracuse Fire Department shares fire prevention tips.

By Brittany Henderson SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)—  As National Fire Prevention week comes to its end, the Syracuse Fire Department shares a few tips they plan to give at their open house this weekend.

The Syracuse Fire Department is putting a spin on their open house for the first time this year by having the Syracuse Police Department and other city groups involved. The Syracuse Fire Department says the reason for the event is to allow people to get to know the firefighters a bit more. Although they are bringing a new spin to their open house, their fire prevention learning tips remain the same. Fire Lieutenant Michael Monds says many people forget things about fire prevention. One thing that’s sometimes forgotten is something that could protect you from fires even when you’re not aware.

“Smoke detectors never sleep, so they’re always ready to alert you if there is a smoke condition or a fire that is going on in your apartment.”

Deputy Chief Davis said there is more to know about than just smoke detectors. Another thing to be mindful of is unattended cooking.

“A lot of our fires are started by unattended cooking. We would like the community to be aware of that. If you’re cooking something, make sure you stay in the kitchen,” says Chief Davis.

Chief Davis says unattended cooking typically occurs with seniors or younger people who are distracted by their phones or other things.

You can get more tips about fire safety at the open house on October 14th between 11 a.m.and  2 p.m., or by contacting the Syracuse Fire Prevention Bureau.