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Advance IT Teaches the Importance of Protecting Identity

Password Strength is Important to Network security

By Lileana Pearson SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Advance IT hosted Horror Stories of Poor Network Security Friday the 13th. Geared toward small business owners in Syracuse, the event featured demonstrations on network security and a presentation by Susan Fahrenkrug, president of Advance IT.

Fahrenkrug put a heavy emphasis on password security, but she also shared other information about protecting your identity online, as well.

A question that was raised several times was in relations to storing information on digital devices. This included saving credit card information for online shopping. Fahrenkrug said when consumers use credit card online is the same as using a credit card in the physical store. Online shopping is just as secure if a buyer swipe a card at the cash register so long as they are using a reputable store.

This doesn’t mean personal information won’t be compromised, but reputable stores have systems in place to prevent hacks.

Fahrenkrug used the recent hacking of Equifax as an example.  A credit reporting company, Equifax had taken precaution to protect their client personal information, but hackers were still able to fight through fire walls.

Fahrenkrug said to best protect your identity you should work with a company who can designed you a personal plan on concealing your personal information.