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Abandoned Lantern Factory Transformed to Luxury Apartment Complex

By Sara Bonadies SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS)– The R.E. Dietz Factory at 225 Wilkinson St. in Syracuse stood abandoned for decades, a reminder of a time when the Park Avenue neighborhood served as an industrial hub.

(c) 2017 Bonadies
The newly renovated Dietz Lantern Factory at 225 Wilkinson Street, Syracuse.

The once neglected building now breathes new life, thanks to the Paulus Development Company. The developers transformed the old factory into 92 luxury apartments, along with 37,500 square feet of commercial space.

According to Matthew Paulus, president of the Paulus Development Company, the renovation cost $27 million dollars to complete. The project was funded by historic tax credits, grants from Empire State Development and the Onondaga Save the Rain program.

The developers worked closely with the Onondaga Historical Association to restore the factory to its original glory. Understanding the story of the building and its impact on the community helped Paulus’s team to create one of the greatest rehabilitation projects Onondaga county has seen, Paulus said. 

(c) Onondaga Historical Association
The Original R.E. Dietz Lantern Factory circa. 1915.

The project demonstrates what can be done with abandoned factories, like the Dietz, that were left as companies moved manufacturing overseas. 

“Buildings that have strong pasts can have even brighter futures when community leaders, developers can all get together,” Paulus said.