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Water Taxi for Onondaga Lake

By Madi Van Den Eynde SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS)- A dock has recently been put into the north side of Onondaga Lake. Though this dock can serve any boat, it has been specifically put in to serve a water taxi that will be in service next summer.

The water taxi will be put in place to cut down on the traffic going to and from concerts at the Lakeview Amphitheater.

Onondaga Lake was once known as the most polluted lake in the country.

Travis Glazier, Onondaga County Director of the office of Environment said the water taxi is not a new concept for the lake.

“In the 1880s there were ferries that would take citizens across the lake as a normal form of transportation. So in a way, this is really brining our community back to its former roots,” Glazier explained.

Glazier said the county has put almost $700 million dollars into the clean up of the lake. He said for the past ten years, people have been asking for this water taxi.

“We are excited that we are finally in the place that we can provide this,” Glazier said.