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Indigenous People’s Day Fight is Not Over Yet

Columbus Square in downtown, the spot of protests this week calling for a change to the current Columbus Day holiday. (C) 2017 Jonathon Hoppe

By Jonathon Hoppe, Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) — Despite the Syracuse School Board’s decision to delay the vote to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day, support for the change remains.

Many believe the day should honor Indigenous people, rather than Columbus. When the Europeans founded the new world, it brought many challenges to those that already lived in what would eventually be named the United States.

Syracuse resident David Neary is among those who understands the need for a name change.

“He did kind of spur the movement from the old world into the new world. With it came a lot of negative consequences for the people who were already here,” said Neary. “I can see why people would want to switch it, and I really have no problem with that.”

The school board delayed the movement to change the name of its annual October holiday because of negative pushback. The board and the community will continue to discuss the issue in the coming months.

However, in terms of actually making a decision, that won’t come until the spring.