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Turn It Pink Adds a Personal Touch to Fundraising

Beth Baldwin works closely with Megan Merman (pictured). (c) 2017 Ally Heath

Listen here to find out how the Carol M. Baldwin Foundation works with cancer patients.

By Ally Heath SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Turn It Pink is one of the many October fundraisers put on to benefit breast cancer research, but it has a more personal touch than many nationwide campaigns.

Jeanne St. Claire saw how much of a difference Beth Baldwin, the executive director of the Carol M. Baldwin Cancer Research Fund of CNY, made when she visited with breast cancer patients, and wanted to free up some of Baldwin’s time so she could do more of these visits.

“[Beth] loves to be there in the room with them, hold their hand, and that, I believe is her calling,” St. Claire said.  “I wanted to find something that would allow her to do that more and raise money at the same time.”

St. Claire started Turn It Pink as a partnership with several groups in the Syracuse area, with the main focus being connecting current cancer patients and survivors as a support system.

For the campaign, local restaurants and business partners like Original Grain and 1911 are donating proceeds from select items, often pink ones, to the Fund. Individuals are holding Facebook fundraisers as part of the campaign as well. One man, St. Claire says, is competing in an Ironman with the Turn It Pink logo on his wetsuit to fundraise with his competitors.

“The cool thing about Turn It Pink,” St. Claire said, “is that it reaches everyone. There’s no limit.”

St. Claire hopes to raise $50,000 this year with Turn It Pink, $8,000 more than last year.