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Jose Martinez Turns Cutting Hair from Side Gig to Future Career

Many college students come to Syracuse and have to undergo big lifestyle changes. One of the more simple ones that effects students is trying to find a new person to cut their hair. That’s where Jose Martinez steps in.

As opposed to traditional barbers, the biggest sell of Martinez is his friendly personality, the atmosphere and convenience. He cuts hair from his house, which is only a five minute walk from the Manley North bus stop on Syracuse’s campus.

These are some of the biggest reasons why Syracuse Freshman goes Noah Christian goes to Martinez to get his hair cut, who especially liked the how Martinez had a speaker playing his favorite rap music during the haircut.

“I like the music choice, a barber shop normally is like really crowded, but it was just the three of us in here so we were just kind of in here chilling so that was like another really cool part of it,” said Christian.

Martinez originally got into cutting hair his freshman year when he was looking to make some extra money, but it turned into a passion that checks a lot of boxes for him.

“I’ve always said where if you find a hobby where you can explore your creativity, find your passion and also make some money, then that’s something that your lucky to have. And for me, I think cutting hair, it does that,” Martinez said.

Martinez is currently a Graduate Assistant for the Syracuse women’s basketball team, and hopes to turn that into some experience in basketball following this year, but hopes to help his hometown community of Los Angeles after that.

“After that, I want to work at the Boys and Girls Club, work my way up to a program director and on the side by then hopefully I’ll have enough money to invest in different barber shops around the LA community.”