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Syracuse University’s Mental Health Awareness Week Comes to a Close

Syracuse University students tied green ribbons around trees on the quad to help raise awareness during Mental Health Awareness Week. (c) 2017 Timothy Collins

Listen here to find out what events took place throughout the week and the influence it had on students.

By Timothy Collins SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Thursday marked the final day of Syracuse University’s Mental Health Awareness Week. The Student Association, along with Active Minds and other campus organizations, hosted events throughout the week to help bring awareness to the issue of mental health.

“I think weeks like we’re having now on campus just make people a lot more comfortable maybe bringing up issues that they have or their friends and family have,” said junior Brigid Daly. “It’s just about creating a positive environment that it can be discussed in.”

While some events during the week such as visits from therapy dogs and sunset yoga tried to help students relieve stress, others made the issue of mental health a strong reality. Students were encouraged to tie green ribbons on trees on the quad if they knew anyone affected by mental health and on Wednesday, 1,100 backpacks were laid out on the quad, each symbolizing a person who committed suicide.

In addition to simply bringing awareness to the issue of mental health, the week also tries to encourage students to take action and help others with events such as a roundtable discussion about mental health and a video about people who overcame setbacks caused by mental health.

“I think that this week is really important for us to come together as a campus and just create awareness on the problem and maybe help some people that are part of the Orange family that may be in need,” said Daly.

With the week coming to an end Syracuse University must now wait to see what events might take place next year.