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Syracuse Students Discuss Safety in Wake of Las Vegas Shooting

(C) 2017 Andrew Graham

By Andrew Graham SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Just days after a gunman in Las Vegas claimed over 50 lives and wounded over 500 bystanders, students at Syracuse University are thinking about their safety more than ever.

It’s happened in Las Vegas, it’s happened in Newtown, Connecticut, and it’s happened in Orlando, Florida. Why couldn’t it happen here? That was a thought on the mind’s of some Syracuse students on Thursday.

“When you see this happen so many times over and over and over again,” freshman Cooper Boardman said, “it can’t help but creep into your mind and that’s a little scary that that’s normalcy at this point.”

Fellow freshman Billy Loveman echoed his peers concerns. He cited the fact that shooters are more and more frequently targeting “fun” events as a concern.

“It’s really scary,” Loveman said, “because a lot of the shootings that are now happening … are happening when people are just trying to have fun or going to entertaining events.”

So naturally, the Carrier Dome comes into question. Where else on campus do so many people so commonly gather? On Saturday, more than 30,000 people could fill up the dome.

But senior Katie Zilcosky doesn’t fear. She’s been around for three years, and feels the responses to dangerous situations have been appropriate and swift.

“I have been here for four years,” Zilcosky said, “and we’ve had things like this happen and there is definitely an immediate response.”