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Title IX Changes Raise Concerns with SU Sexual Assault Advocates

SU sexual assault advocacy groups are unhappy with new Title IX guidelines.

By Mac Konrad, Syracuse, N.Y.- The changes to Title IX have sparked passionate reactions from sexual assault advocacy groups on campuses across the nation.

The new guidelines would, among other things, raise the standard of proof to open cases and allow for face-to-face meetings between the accuser and the accused. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos hopes the new guidelines will protect both the accuser and the accused equally.

Sexual assault advocates say the new guidelines are insensitive to victims.

Greer Fawcett is a member of a Syracuse University sorority which has held events advocating students about sexual assault. She preferred the organization not be named.

Fawcett takes issue with the suggested mediation between the accuser and the accused.

“I think that that would be just a terrible idea that her and the accused person would have to meet because that could lead to further emotional… more so for the person who was sexually assaulted,” Fawcett said.

Fawcett also believes raising the standard of proof will make it harder to bring cases to a court for a crime she believes is already under-prosecuted. She mentioned some fraternities at SU in recent years that had sexual assault accusations brought to them which did not result in legal action. Fawcett did not want to name the fraternities.

Recently an SU student was expelled for sexual assault, according to He is now suing the university claiming he was misrepresented in the investigation.