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Katie’s Pumpkin Patch is Still Providing Families with Memories 20 Years Later

A portion of Katie’s Pumpkin Patch off Route 370 in Baldwinsvile. (c) 2017 Nicholas Kuzma

Listen here to hear about my trip to 20 year old Katie’s Pumpkin Patch in Baldwinsville.

By Nicholas Kuzma, Baldwinsville, NY (NCC News)- Twenty years after its establishment date, Katie’s Pumpkin Patch in Baldwinsville is still doing well.

“It’s been good to us,” said David Hafner.

Hafner is a farmer who was born and raised in Baldwinsville.

He said the idea to start Katie’s, a pick-your-own pumpkin patch, came from his wife.

“We had a field of pumpkins that we didn’t get rid of everything in it, as a wholesale business. And my wife says “What are we going to do with those?” And I go “We’re just gonna disc them under.” She says, “No, let me sell them.'”

Hafner said Katie’s has two locations, both of which are in Baldwinsville. On week days, they use a location off Route 370. At this location they have pumpkins for people to pick and other vegetables customers can buy.

They use the other location mostly on Sundays. Located at 8484 Dunham Road, the farm offers a bigger area of land where they can accommodate more people, have a corn maize and a hayride.

Hafner said on a particularly busy Sunday they can expect anywhere between 200 and 400 cars of people to come.

Hafner also said Katie’s is only open during the pumpkin season. They opened September 21 and close the last day of October this year.

The patch caters to many families.

Hope Ersek, a stay-at-home mom from Baldwinsville, came with her son to the patch because it was a fun activity to do with him before she puts him down for a nap.

She said there is a special feeling associated with family pumpkin picking.

“It’s definitely a happy, cozy, family feeling,” said Ersek. “Ya know, its something that bonds families together.”

While, Hafner is a farmer and he said his goal is to make money from the pumpkin patch, he also said there are other nice parts of his job.

“You get see a lot of people that keep coming out and they’ll sit and talk with you, so it makes it nice,” said Hafner.